How To Become Our Partner
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How Can You Join the Incubator or Become A Partner?

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That local family farms, producing healthy organic foods,
are completely integrated into our community food systems.

To support the development of successful family farm businesses which focus
on growing and marketing organic food into local and regional systems.


• employ organic and environmentally regenerative practices within all our farming enterprises

• help families earn living wages and benefits from their farming enterprises

• build partnerships between conservationists and landholders to increase land available for agricultural use

• preserve and protect farmland from commercial development

• connect with immigrants and disadvantaged workers to provide them opportunities that lead to ownership of farm enterprises

• promote the humane treatment of animals in farming operations

• engage with value chain partners that share our values 

• respect and value the traditions of farming and rural lifestyles

• recognize the contributions of our employees and staff in accomplishing our mission & vision

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