Ancient Thai restaurant” that is interesting and should not be missed

Ancient Thai restaurant” that is interesting and should not be missed We would like to take everyone to visit an interesting “Traditional Thai Restaurant” and should not miss a single restaurant. Some restaurants have hard-to-find Thai dishes. and meticulous in doing so it takes a long time The plates are beautifully arranged. True Thai food lovers must hurry and check in.

green eggs
I remember that when Keaw Khai Ka opened its first branch, all the foodies were excited to check in. Because just seeing the atmosphere in front of the shop makes me want to walk inside. This seductive beauty shop is like an oasis for recharging. It also fills the stomach with a variety of delicious Thai dishes

Thathada Restaurant, Thai food with the family’s taste in Arun Amarin area. The shop takes care of every step. From the beginning of the selection of raw materials from quality sources. Ready to follow the favorite flavor as the customer wants, whether it’s less spicy, very spicy, or requires less oil, can inform the shop in advance.The important thing that the restaurant emphasizes is to preserve the flavor of the ingredients. Complete with flavors, including stir-fried, boiled, and fried, with the average menu price at 160-580 baht. Once you arrive, you will feel the warm atmosphere. Whether it’s a family feel, a girlfriend, a friend, a feel to bring relatives to eat or what kind, but if you have a heart to love Thai food, meticulous taste from the heart I can tell you that you will definitely be impressed with every menu at Thathada restaurant.

Wanakowit House / Banglumpoo
Invite you to eat #Khao Chae and #Thai traditional food at Ban Wan Kowit The specialty of this house is an ancient wooden house. that the first owner of the house Luang Sunthornnurak (Krachang Wankowit), a senior civil servant who received this blue wooden house from the reign of King Rama VI over a hundred years ago. Which is located in Soi Damnoen Klang, a small alley on #Tanao Road behind #October 14 Memorial in Bangkok

Marie Guimar
Traditional Thai restaurant on the Wyndham Bangkok building on the 28th floor, surrounded by a good view of the city center, along with the atmosphere in the restaurant that maintains a good Thai style. As the name of the shop ‘Marie Guimar’ or many people known as Thao Thong Kip Ma. The owner of the recipe for Thai desserts like Thong Yod, which is the main inspiration of this restaurant. Therefore, the menu of the restaurant will be the original Thai food menu. Each menu has an interesting story.Served in impressive platters. The restaurant has brought a variety of Thai dishes to choose from, such as Mari Kemar’s Khao Yam, Mari Kemar’s Kao Chae, Kaeng Rawang with Kaew Ribs, Kanom Jeen with Crab Sauce. and crispy noodles Food prices are around 80-600 baht

Kitchen More
This restaurant is open in The Hub Phahol-Ari project. It is an authentic Thai restaurant. with both traditional Thai dishes and royal recipes Either as a side dish or as a single dish, you can come and eat at this restaurant, such as Ban Kai Paang Curry. Spicy Vermicelli Salad Roti, Green Curry, Fish Salad and Ranjuan Curry The shop also has other menu items. To add variety to customers as well, including pizza, spaghetti and steak. The food price is about 80-300 baht.