The best seafood restaurant in Ao Nang

The best seafood restaurant in Ao Nang Known as the sea, you can make my day for us now, but the charm of the sea is not only beautiful. Because if asked about another attraction that has always been with Thai seas, it is seafood. Today, the Wongnai Phuket team has chosen a great seafood restaurant to present

“Mountain View Bar & Restaurant Krabi Seafood Restaurant which can be said to be full of flavor, a large restaurant decorated with beautiful lights Located along the road, both sides of the road are steep rocky mountains. Interspersed with green forests and rubber plantations, I heard the sound of the waterfall flowing through. It can be said that the atmosphere is very good for us to indulge in a very special meal. Recommended dishes are stir-fried sea bass with black pepper, grouper fish curry with mixed vegetables, and stir-fried prawns with golden needle mushrooms.”

“Big-in-law seafood Krabi seafood restaurant which is a restaurant in the style of a boiled rice restaurant But outstanding with many seafood dishes There are both southern and medium food, complete with choices to enjoy together. The restaurant is open from 5:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m., whether it’s dinner, dinner or late night, it’s all over. A must-order menu would be Curry with catfish, shrimp with tamarind sauce, and jalapeno hot pot that is so cool that it has to be repeated.”

“Krua Ao Nang Cuisine, a delicious seafood restaurant in Krabi. In the midst of the seaside atmosphere in Ao Nang area Anyone who comes to Krabi, don’t miss it! because the taste is good in every menu, the shop owner and the service staff are very good, suitable for eating with special people on a special meal especially in the evening atmosphere by the sea by candlelight It can be said that it’s super chill with many great dishes, such as grilled tiger prawns with garlic, steamed sea bass with lemon, deep-fried sea bass with fish sauce. which is ready to challenge you to come and enjoy it.”

“Seafood location, Krabi seafood restaurant always focusing on freshness I intend to cook meticulously. until the great taste at an affordable price. The owner of the restaurant puts his own effort into every process and in every dish served. until it becomes a standard taste The same every time I eat. There are many menus to choose from. But the recommended menus that should not be missed are grilled crab eggs, horseshoe egg salad, and garlic fried egg squid. Just hearing the name makes your mouth taste good.”

“Khao Thong Terrace Seafood restaurant Krabi, good atmosphere, great view because overlooking the panoramic sea view. Especially in the evening, I can tell that The sunset view is beyond beautiful. delicious food lovely service staff It comes with many great menus. Vermicelli with Crab Curry that no matter who comes, must order and a variety of other dishes such as Shrimp with Tamarind Sauce, Fried Soft Shell Crab with Chili and Salt, Spicy Soup with Grilled Shrimp.”